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Message from the President

We will continues to play a role in the infrastructure of the consumer credit market, aiming to become a secure and reliable credit bureau.

Since its establishment in 1986, JICC has been contributing to the development of a sound and affluent economic society through its business of collecting, managing and providing credit information that is accurate and up-to-date at all times, including the details of contracts concerning credit transactions and repayment status, to enable consumers to receive the full benefit of services appropriate for their respective credit levels.
JICC plays an important role as an infrastructure for the consumer credit market, having been designated by the Prime Minister of Japan as a Designated Credit Bureau pursuant to the Money Lending Business Act in 2010.
As the sole credit information bureau capable of dealing with all types of businesses involved in the consumer credit market, JICC currently has members including consumer finance companies, credit companies as well as financial institutions and guarantee companies.

In recent years, the enhancement of the Designated Credit Bureau system and the dramatic progress in information and communication technology have led to the collection and management of personal information concerning repayment and solvency of consumers by credit information bureaus in a more appropriate manner, and the appropriate use of such information by consumer finance companies, credit companies and other credit providers has brought about the provision of diverse products and services based on consumers' "economic credibility", making the use of credit and loans more familiar and convenient.
On the other hand, a higher level of security is required among credit information bureaus that collect, management and provide consumer information.

In accordance with our management philosophy of contributing “to the development of a sound and affluent economic society through the provision of highly reliable services of superb quality, with the full awareness of the public nature of our missions as a consumer credit information bureau,” we will take your comments and requests to heart and make further efforts to become a credit information bureau that gives a sense of security to and wins the confidence of consumers and member companies , such as ensuring the protection, accuracy and recency of credit information and executing corporate governance in a thoroughgoing manner.

Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.
Kiyoshi Tachiki , President & Representative Director