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Regarding Japan Credit Information Reference Center Corp. (JICC)

Our Mission (Reason for Existence)

We will contribute to the development of a sound and affluent economic society through the provision of highly reliable services of superb quality, with the full awareness of the public nature of our missions as a consumer credit information bureau.

Our Commitment (Business Attitude)

■We will provide high-quality services that are trustworthy, always giving our customers and members first priority.
■We will return the trust reposed on us by managing our business soundly with integrity, in compliance with laws, regulations and rules.
■We will take all possible measures to protect information with full awareness of the importance of information security.
■We will respect the individuality of each employee to create a vibrant workplace that inspires joy and pride in contributing to society.
■We will strive to develop the local community as we fulfill our responsibility as a member of the society through our business.
■We will contribute to the realization of an affluent and sustainable society with full awareness of the importance of environmental conservation activities.

Our Conduct (Code of Conduct)

■ The trust and satisfaction of our customers and members are our top priority.
■ We will act with a spirit of fairness, a sound mind, high morality, and pride.
■ We will ensure the protection of information by appropriately managing personal, confidential, and other types of information.
■ We will take on the creation and innovation of new values with a spirit of challenge that is undaunted by failure.
■ We will respect the individuality of others and harbor high expectations in acting as one.
■ We will act as a socially responsible corporate citizen that values “harmony with the environment.”